Hollister Rally
Vendor Space Contract Form
June 30 - July 2, 2017

Please note Russ Brown Attorneys are exclusive in the legal category
GEICO is exclusive in the insurance category

Please fill in all items that apply. Clicking "Go To Step 2" will present you with a a review of your application and a place to make a non-refundable deposit of at least 10% of the total amount due.

Submit one contract per booth space - call 775-329-7469 before submitting.

A non-refundable deposit of at least 50% of the total booth space cost must accompany the exhibit space contract

Vendors must carry insurance against damage and loss plus public liability insurance against injury and property of others, with limnits in the amount of: $1 million per occurrence an $2 million aggregate, and name Roadshows, Inc. as additional insured on the policy. You may also opt to have Roadshows, Inc. provide insurance for you for $75.

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Exhibit Space Info - Submit one contract per booth space:
Tent Trailer (Photo required)
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10' x 20' Food/Beverage - $1,750 10' x 30' Food/Beverage - $2,250
10' x 10' Retail - $950 10' x 20' Retail - $1,950
10' x 30' Retail - $2,450 10' x 40' Retail - $3,050
20' x 20' Retail - $3,050 20' x 40' Retail - $3,950
Please note Hollister special event business license fee of $226.00 will be added to all vendors.
Hollister canopy fee of $101.00 will be added to any booth larger than 10' x 12'
Factory Semi & premium locations - call Randy Burke at 775-690-2035
Check this box if you want Roadshows, Inc. to provide your insurance certificate for $75
Electrical Requirements:
110 volt electric 12 hours every day - $100 total for rally 110 volt electric 24 hours every day - $250 total for rally
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